– Best internet service for leeching torrent files

Disclaimer: This is a review for free upgrade purposes only. The author does not endorse downloading of copyrighted material in any jurisdiction, whether legally or not. This is for informational purposes only. Torrenting can be legal but piracy is not. Use it at your own risk.

Do you need a faster, safer, and secured way of downloading torrents? Well, I discovered this website that caches your torrent in their server so you can download it directly. I’ve been a user of this website ever since it was launched (Thanks, LifeHacker).


What is Seedr? Seedr is the future of torrenting. It is a website that allows you to download your torrent directly to your browser. It is secured, fast and reliable. You can stream movies with subtitles search mechanism, listen to music, read e-books, and fetch torrents as direct-download zip files. Since it can be accessed from any web browser, it can be used on all gadgets with internet capability and internet browser. They have different tiers with affordable prices. They also offer a free-tier account (Ads-supported) with limited storage and caching speed.


Free users start with 5GB of storage with 1 Torrent Slot, 12 hours 1:1 seeding ratio, unlimited monthly traffic, SD streaming, 1 parallel connection, and Google Ads on their screen (As far as I remember when I first registered). Too small for you? They offer ways for free users to upgrade their storage size (it maybe little for some but for me it is reasonable).

Aside from the picture above, they also offer bonus storage for referrals. (2GB Total)

What are the advantages of using Seedr? 

  1. Since direct download web service stores the file in their server (as long as the user doesn’t delete the file), other people who are downloading the same file in the server will get the file instantly into their accounts.
  2. Servers have faster bandwidth than your internet speed, thus, they can cache the file faster (Assuming that the file was seeded by many users). Once the file has been cached, you can download/view your file directly from your browser (any device) at your maximum download speed.
  3. No more installation of apps and seeding of files after downloading the file. No complicated set ups.
  4. Simple and User-Friendly Interface. Easy to use and understand.

How does Seedr help me? Well, Seedr helped me in downloading Operating Systems (Linux Operating Systems, Android ROMS, etc) and files that can be acquired via Torrent. It helped me download the file faster because, in my country, torrents are throttled and sometimes doesn’t work well. I hate the process of configuring my torrent client and router just to achieve the maximum speed of my internet connection.

Give it a try now. I will post sometime a tutorial on how to use Seedr but for the meantime, I recommend you using this amazing web OS. I have tried several services but Seedr impressed me with how fast it is (in their free-tier).

Try it here now!